Shoaib Zaheer

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An extraordinary artist from Afghanistan, whose journey into the world of art is a testament to self-driven passion and an insatiable curiosity for creative exploration. Throughout his life, he juggled himself in the diverse mediums of artistic expression, relying on his innate talent and the inspiration drawn from the rich natural surroundings of his homeland.

This multidisciplinary artist pursued art without any formal education, relying completely on his inbore connection to the world around him. He became a master of various traditional mediums, effortlessly navigating the in-between medium such as pencil, watercolor, oil color, charcoal, and poster color. Embracing the technological age, he ventured into the world of computer graphics, self-learning the complexity of animation and illustration on digital platforms.

A turning point in his artistic journey came when he discovered an opportunity to delve into academic art at KASK Conservatorium Gent, Belgium. Recognizing the chance to deepen his knowledge and refine his skills, he seized this momentous occasion with enthusiasm. The structured learning environment provided him with a formal foundation in art, enhancing his technical proficiency and expanding his artistic vocabulary.

The artist's academic journey became a harmonious blend of his self-taught prowess and the structured approach of formal education. The fusion of innate talent with academic refinement has added layers of depth and complexity to his work, reflecting a mature understanding of artistic principles and a nuanced approach to creativity. His creations echoed the vividness of his surroundings and the diverse cultural tapestry of Afghanistan, showcasing a synthesis of traditional and contemporary elements.
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