My name is Shoaib Zaheer, date of birth is 1989, place of birth Koz Behar village, west province of Afghanistan, in 2017 I entered Belgium as a displaced person and currently living in Belgium as a displaced person.

I am self study & motivated artist, able to work with different art media (water color, oil color, pencil, charcoal, calligraphy, miniature, wood Mosaic) in addition with an interest in computer graphic designing, animation, illustration, 3D model, video editing and like to explore the world of computer code like HTML, CSS, Javascript.

My art is exploration and affirmation into the emotion of subjects and idea by amalgamate of colors, forms and textures, to find those sentiments in our surroundings. Ever since I was teenage, I have been fascinated by my childish immersed thoughts.

How we humans impose the environment as our mentor and walk in the shadow of that vast science and knowledge that our environment offers to us, in order to make predictions on ourselves and our destiny.

Humans are always searching for ways to bend the environment, to get new thoughts, here the interesting thing is going to happen! The environment, like a good maintor give us the link of one of his chain thoughts, and a new idea gets roots in our mind.

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